AirTag PopUp Wallet - Premium Leather for Women

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 With SWISST AirTag Wallet, you can now be assured that you'll never lose your wallet, and never have to worry about it being stolen.

This is the best-selling, most secure and convenient wallet. 

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Sleek and Convenient

The Swisst Airtag Wallet is a stylish and practical choice for anyone looking for a durable and easy-to-locate wallet.

Husni Luke

An extremely chic method of managing everything in a wallet. makes getting a license and credit cards incredibly simple. I've just had the wallet for a short while. I hope the mood continues upbeat.

Moti Berard

This wallet is amazing. For me, it has enough room for cards, and the slider that ejects the cards is quite helpful. The Air Tag is held in a highly secure holder. One of the best wallets I've ever had.

Livinio S
Vey happy with the quality of this product

I just received it a few days ago and loaded with cards.. so far so good. First impression is great quality and craftmanship.

Wyatt Walker

I've lost many important things in my past with my carelessness. Presently I have an AirTag on my car keys, and other significant things around the house so I can without much of a stretch track where I left the thing. I attempted an AirTag in my wallet as well however trust me?? having an AirTag inside the wallet destroyed the state of my wallet and the skin.

At the point when I went over this wallet with a choice to have an AirTag outside the wallet appeared as though smart and I ordered it quickly with no hesitation. I adored the cards spring up thing as well. Don't bother opening the wallet every time and begin searching for the card you needed which generally took me somewhere around 3 attempts to get it out with the huge fingers I have haha. Since the cards are stacked in a way that each of them pops up at different heights makes it easier to pick the right card with only one try and no struggle. Oh and about having the AirTag with your wallet is totally worth the effort and I haven't lost it around my home.

I also love the leather texture of the wallet and the color I got (brown) was really nice. The actual wallet is thin and weightless to carry in your pockets. The packaging was basic and decent.


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